Cleaning in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England.

Motorcycle Cleaning and Maintenance

I am a motorcyclist and have many years' experience. Your bike will get a thorough wash followed by a wax and polish. I will lubricate the chain and check the tyres.

If you want new tyres, I will take the wheels to a tyre specialist for your tyres of choice. I can change the chain and sprockets, do an oil and filter change plus anything else that does not require specialist tools or a main dealer stamp.

Car Cleaning and Maintenance

Your car deserves a through clean. This is not a car wash or supermarket clean, but a thorough wash and wax, I will do the difficult bits that are ignored. I open the doors, boot and bonnet and clean around the edges. I spray under the wheel arches to remove mud and dirt build up. The car gets waxed in all the nooks and crannies. The edges off the doors are done and all of the glass. The wheels will get a thorough clean and alloys will be treated with alloy protector.

Price will depend upon what is required. My thoroughness takes time and you will not be disappointed in the quality of work.

Call 07733 264201 or 01453 811471 You can bring your vehicle to me or I will collect it. I can do lifts. You could bring your car to me in the morning and I will take you to work, clean your vehicle, and pick you up from work.

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